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When I meet people for the first time they often ask me what I do.

When I tell them "I'm a copywriter" there is often a short silence before they ask what a copywriter is. So, to avoid any embarrassment, a copywriter is the person who writes advertisements, direct mail, websites, in fact, any kind of advertising material.

However, you have probably come across this page by putting "copywriter" into Google - so hopefully you already knew that.

Now, take a look at those three big achievements at the top of this page. Not bad?. I mean, adding 17% to your turnover in six months would that come in handy? And these are not one-offs. I have many examples where my copywriting has given clients, like you, better results and made you more money.

What can Bill Fryer Direct Response Copywriter do for you?

As a copywriter, I specialise in direct response copywriting and communications like emails, direct mail, off-the-page advertising, websites, microsites, TV ads, posters, door to door leaflets and inserts. Most of my work is for people who sell direct, people like retailers, financial services, mail order and charities. However I also write:

I can actually write anything in any medium. Even though most of my copywriting is designed to generate leads or sales, I regularly write press releases, content articles, video scripts, infographics, brochures, leaflets, and even point of sale materials.

Sometimes people tell me, at the start of a project, they have never found a found a direct response copywriter who can write for their industry. In every case, I have written successful campaigns for them. I also know how to write copy so it is easy to translate, if you sell in different language zones.

Have I worked for anyone you have ever heard of?

Here is a selection of the better known organisations this direct response copywriter has worked for:

AC Cars - luxury car manufacturer

Acorn Stairlifts - stairlift manufacturer/seller

Axa Sunlife - insurance/investments

Barclaycard - credit cards

Book Aid - development agency/charity

Castle Cover - insurance

Children's Trust - charity

Dunlop - tyre manufacturer

Empire Stores - mail order cataloguer

Fisher Investments Inc - US investment manager

Foreign & Colonial - investment trust manager

Gold Reserves - gold-buying company

Greenpeace - not-for-profit campaigning organisation

Hidden Hearing - direct hearing aid seller

HSS Tool Hire - UK's biggest tool hire company

Jewson/Saint-Gobain - building trade retailer/manufacturer

LaSource - Caribbean resort hotel

Longevity USA - mail order health supplements

The National Trust - heritage charity

Pinnacle Insurance - insurance

Post Gold For Cash - gold-buying company

Reader's Digest - direct book seller

Royal Star & Garter Home - armed forces charity

Skipton Building Society - building society

Suttons Seeds - garden products

Westminster Collection - collectibles manufacturer/direct seller

Have I worked in your SECTOR?

I have worked in most, including: cars, properties, holidays/travel, insurances, investments, mail order, direct selling, disability and grey market, garden products, health, charities, books and media, education, security, building trade and other business to business.

This variety is important because a good copywriter generally has broad experience. I always seem to beat industry-specialist copywriters in creative tests.

And WHERE do I work?

I work for clients in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Caribbean and Australia. (Anywhere that speaks English)

What made Bill Fryer such an amazing copywriter ?

The best copywriters generally have a chequered past and I am no exception. I went to Oxford University and have an MA/BA in Human Sciences - so I know about people.

I formed the UK's first bungee-jumping company, worked in a printer's, worked as a car mechanic (badly), became a charity fundraiser (successfully), then an advertising manager for a multi-national manufacturer and finally started out as a freelance copywriter in 1998.

That variety gives a copywriter perspective. I have seen life from different angles - most have not.

I am member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing and even have an Advanced Certificate in Marketing - (I can see you're impressed :)

Actually this last point is important because the average copywriter is often simply a wordsmith living in his head. I have a marketing background as well, which means I see your creative work in the context of your overall strategy.

Something you should know about the way I write:

In my experience there are two types of copywriter: noisy and quiet. The "noisy" copywriter uses lots of superlatives to try and crank up the product or service. No one likes an obnoxious salesman. So, in contrast, I find a quiet approach that states the facts and tells people what they want to know quickly, works best. And my track record bears me out...

Results: Eleven more examples where this copywriter's work made a difference:

  1. For a leading CHARITY I ran my creative work against the creative work produced by their existing agency. All three mail packs went to the same list. Their control pulled 1.7%. Mine pulled 2.5, 9.8 and 13.2%. Since then I have created three fundraising direct mail campaigns which have each pulled over 30% in response. Over a nine year period I raised them £70.8 million.
  2. For a MEDICAL PRODUCT selling for £200. Media spend of £350,000 produced sales of £1,500,000. In addition, my creative was more effective than that given for free by a media-buying agency. Then, after the success of the UK off-the-page business, the US arm decided to use my creative work. They tested it against two Madison Avenue agencies, my work won and was been rolled out across the US. However the UK is still the single most successful international territory for this Israeli company, even outselling the US.
  3. For the UK's largest direct seller of HEARING AIDS my pack pulled four times as many responses as their existing control.
  4. For the UK's biggest BUILDING PRODUCTS supplier my creative work went head-to-head against three other agencies, not only did I win, the response to my mailing jammed their switchboard.
  5. For a US WEALTH MANAGEMENT company two of my packs beat their control which no one ever beats - not even the best American copywriters. Recently I ran five more packs and they all beat the control, I had established, by a good 30%.
  6. For an EXERCISE MACHINE selling for £400. Media spend of £200,000 produced sales of £1,000,000.My ads were 50% more effective than those produced by a media-buying agency offering free creative work.
  7. For a national TELECOMS company my first creative work was three times better than what they had produced in-house. And my subsequent attempts increased response further.
  8. For a MOBILITY products supplier my direct response ads were 50%, 100% and 400% better than the ads their existing copywriter (a grey market specialist) had created.
  9. For a consumer MEDICAL MACHINE retailing for £150. Media spend of £300,000 produced sales of £1,800,000. In tests my initial creative work was six to eight times better than any other agency. Without this improvement the product could not have sold off the page.
  10. For an American MAIL ORDER health supplements company my packs doubled their response rates. And they now use our artwork in the States. They had used 18 other copywriters.
  11. For a leading INSURANCE company I produced a cold recruitment pack which has never been beaten by any other agency in six years. It has recruited one tenth of their customers and several large London agencies have had a crack at it - none have beaten it.

What else can I help you with?

In addition to being a freelance copywriter I also run a full service direct marketing agency so I can also help you with emailings, SEO/SEM, website design and optimisation, landing pages, art direction and graphic design, media planning and buying, list rental, mailing, print and lettershop campaign planning and marketing strategy.

How much will it cost?

Probably not enough. Here are some sample prices:

Copy Only
Copy + Artwork
1-2 page letter/email
2-8 page letter
Full page advert
Small advert
Small leaflet
8 page brochure/website
Email + landing page

So, are you looking for a copywriter right now?

I am always up for a new project and generally able to turn work around fast. Send me an email. I really like hearing from people who want to give me business.

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