At last an SEO copywriter who understands SEO and is able to produce seo-friendly work that people can also read and understand

I'm getting more and more requests for seo writing.

And I feel it's time I told you a little bit about my skills as an seo copywriter.

Copywriters generally fall into two categories when it comes to writing for seo (Search Engine Optimisation). Either they are a good copywriter who knows nothing about SEO or they know a lot about seo but don't really understand the art of SEO copywriting.

Any website owner has two priorities:

  1. Search Engine Optimise the site so that it can rank well, (alongside a comprehensive link-building campaign)
  2. Create a site that effectively converts visitors into customers/enquirers.

The problem with most seo copywriters and SEO copywriting services in general is that

Very few seo copywriters can deliver this task.

Naturally I can/and do, (otherwise I probably wouldn't be saying that.) And if you want proof, email me and I'll show you a range of examples of pages and sites and the keywords they have been optimised for.

seo copywriter + website conversion = Bill Fryer

So, basically, if you want a seo copywriter to fully optimise your site who is also focused on website conversion, email me or phone me on 020 7099 1029.

NEW: Hybrid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service

After I have optimised your site I can also set up a Google-friendly link-building programme. Pure English SEM is expensive and Indian SEM is cheap but the language tends to be a bit second rate. This hybrid model solves the problem.

Basically the way it works is, you get a specified number of UK hours and a specified number of Indian hours. Then our UK content writers generate text which the Indians place on the web.

For most projects I charge £300 to £750 a month.

If you are interested call 020 7099 1029 and we can put together a keyword plan (for which we don't charge by the way).