Are you in the USA...

...and looking for a copywriter who can:

  • Improve your response rates (across ANY medium)?
  • Save you money by being half the cost of a US-based one?
  • Help you break into the UK market?

I ask because it is for one (or all) of these reasons that American clients use me.

To sum it up, I'm as good as or better than any "big name" US copywriter but I charge less than half the money. AND my effectiveness has been proven in tests.

My work has been pitched against very well-known US copywriters who charge $2,500+ per day and I've won with something I charge $900 a day for.

How is this possible?

Just because someone charges more, does not mean they are better. (I can charge you more if you like)

Why I'm half the cost of an American copywriter

Basically Americans appreciate copywriters more than us Brits do. And Americans are prepared to pay more for good copywriters.

So if you work in the US, you can now have the best Britain has to offer for less than half the money you would pay, for the equivalent American.

And I tend to get along well with most Americans. Mainly because I was trained by an American copywriter and adman.

I'm about 99% fluent in American

And my Amercian ain't too bad either. I know when to substitute "vacation" for "holiday" and "-ize" for "-ise". Little things like that. I cannot guarantee my copy will be 100% pure American but, generally speaking, it only ever needs one or two little tweaks.

Another thing I notice about American copywriters is they tend to write what I would describe as "loud" copy. If it were a salesperson it would be the kind who wears a very flashy suit and is almost shouting at you.

I don't know about you, but I generally find this sort of person rather annoying. And...

Tests confirm why my copy is better than most

In tests the less "salesy" you make your copy the more it is believed and the more people respond positively to it. This is the main reason why I tend to beat big name American copywriters in tests - luckily for me most do not realize this fact. (I am hoping the trend continues - it is good for business).

Make sure you read my Home page it gives you a full introduction to me and tells you who I have worked for, what I do and the kind of results I obtain.

Can we talk?

In the last ten years I have added about $150,000,000 of additional value to a whole host of different client businesses and organizations. If you want a copywriter who has a proven track record, is reasonably priced and reliable then send me an email and tell me a bit about the project you want me to help with.

Looking to launch in the UK?

For a lot of US companies the UK is the first, logical place to expand internationally. (We almost speak the same language, after all). I have helped a number of US companies set up UK-based operations. In addition to being a copywriter I also run a full service direct marketing agency so I can also help you with art direction and graphic design, media planning and buying, list rental, mailing, print and lettershop campaign planning, marketing strategy, website optimization and email strategy and campaigns. Email me - and let's talk about it.

How much do I charge?

Yes, I know I should charge more but I'm a terrible people-pleaser. Here are some sample prices:

Copy Only
Copy + Artwork
1-2 page letter
2-8 page letter
Full page advert
Small ad
Small flyer
6-8 page brochure/website
Email + landing page


Then this copywriter wants to hear from you...

Why don't you send me an email? Tell me a bit about your project. (I love getting emails from potential new clients :-)

PS. You can also phone me on 1 855 642 1055 (it's a freephone number).

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