Content Writing: Generating quality "content" is becoming more and more important for a number of reasons:

1. Google wants you to produce quality content so why bother having your SEO people play cat and mouse games with Google when if you just start out by producing quality content you are giving them what they want anyway?

2. Good quality content gets shared more than poor quality content - that just naturally helps your search engine ranking.

3. It is easier to get other people to promote and share good quality content.

4. Good quality content can be targetted to specific audiences.

Now, if you are producing content it should not just be a load of articles (I have some clients who approach me saying they want 10 x 500 word articles over a 3 month period or whatever). Just imagine a boy/girlfriend who rocked up once a week, spoke 500 words and left. Would they really engage? Good quality content needs to have variety.

The place to start is to do some research, find out what your customers/users want to know about, what amuses them. Then generate the content from that.

Why use Bill Fryer as a content writer/creator?

Ok, let me think about that question a moment...

...still thinking...

ok, here goes:

First off I have a lot of experience doing a whole lot of different things. I have built houses, married, had children, started and run businesses, done various adventures. That means I have a lot of experience in a whole range of different areas. I know a lot about a lot.

Secondly I am good at generating a viewpoint. A lot of content is just bland, the best content has personality and takes a view.

Finally I am extremely flexible in the kind of content I produce. See some examples below:

Here are some examples of a regular "How to" style articles. This is what a lot of people think of when they think about content writing or content marketing:

But I also write videos, here are some I wrote for a client with a celebrity customer who agreed to appear in the videos. Henry Kelly really liked my writing because I listened to the way he spoke and wrote how he spoke.

And here's a serious one (of many) I actually appeared in for a client.

And here's a less serious one I did for a niche product - whitewater kayaks - this got shared a lot on social media.


So, if you need quality content that gets shared around, email me or call me on 07753 821520.