Quadrupled RoI for UK children's charity

Recently I was asked to put together a test pack to compete against a leading UK charity's cold recruitment pack.

I managed to quadruple RoI. And my pack even made a profit (on recruitment). Who says charity direct mail is dead...

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Posted by: billfryer

The Children's Trust is a charity in Surrey that cares for the most profoundly disabled children in the UK.

They do some rather unique and quite wonderful work. Just before Christmas they tested a recruitment pack I created for them against their control.

I managed to quadruple the RoI of their recruitment pack. This has some obvious and less obvious benefits:

They obviously improve the efficiency of their fundraising

Higher response rates means they can use more types of cold rented lists

It's the difference between direct mail working brilliantly and barely working at all.

The Children's Trust is a fantastic charity, if you want to find out more about them go to www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk.

And of course, if you want similar results yourself them email me.
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