Bill Fryer eaten by rottweiler

Bill was recently attacked by a highly-trained rottweiler as part of a display of guard-dog skills. He made it out alive...just
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Posted by: billfryer

I believe a good copywriter should be keen to experience everything life has to offer. So when the opportunity to dress up in a fat suit and be attacked by a guard dog came along I leapt at it the chance.

That was when I was thinking the dog concerned would probably be a nice german shepherd. Then I was informed that I would be being attacked by 9 stone of highly-trained rottweiler.

I grew up in the 80s and remember all the "devil dogs" media concerning this particular breed. It affected me. Rottweiler owners always say "he's lovely, honestly" but you never really believe them do you.

Anyway, on with the suit which was rather difficult to move in (I quite liked the fact it was so thick). "Now don't be too rough with him, he's six and getting a bit long in the tooth" said Andy the dog-handler. "What the fuck!? I don't see you telling the dog to go easy on me" I thought to myself, "I'm 43 - a little bit longer in the tooth that devil dog here". Obviously I kept quiet, figuring it was best not to piss off his handler at this point.

I started to run.

On the command "blitz!" Boston ran over and grabbed my arm. I felt the pressure of his jaws and the weight of his body. I noticed how, if I went still, he simply took a bigger chomp to get a better grip. The fat suit was awesome I didn't actually feel a thing, but it's incredibly tiring trying to play with a 9 stone rottweiler who doesn't want to let go. Without the suit I would have been in a lot of pain.

What this has to do with copywriting I'm not sure, something to do with being open to new experiences probably.

Anyway, if anyone wants to throw some more experiences my way - happy to consider them.